June 9, 2023

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He was a good person, they should remember him

Marco was 31 years old and died on his birthday. He has created a YouTube channel where he talks about the treatment he has to undergo after being diagnosed with a very rare cancer.

He died on it YouTubers Marco, known on the platform as “Me vs Cancer”. The boy created a Youtube channel, which has more than 18,000 subscribers: in his videos he recounted the disease and the treatments he had encountered in the past two years. The 31-year-old passed away on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 after a few days in a coma.

disease detection

Discover the boy disease two years ago: She was Malignant sarcoma, 17 cm long. In 2021, after New Year’s Eve, he felt pain in his country pelvic area. The health workers immediately recognized it was not a hernia and tests confirmed the hypotheses of a tumoral mass.

In fact, the 31-year-old was diagnosed with a rare disease: A Small round cell sarcoma. Once he got the diagnosis, Marco decided to open a YouTube channel and tell his story. He himself said that he did it “for me, but also for everyone in my position.” Marco underwent surgery and treatment at a specialized facility in Milan.

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Stories on the YouTube channel

His followers were told about exams, chemotherapy and hospitalization: his channel slowly became a tool for comparison. In the videos, the 31-year-old explained both Perform chemotherapy courses It was announced that the effect of the substances used in the fight against cancer on his body.

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He’s made it clear over the past few weeks that the treatments aren’t working and that he’s going to face it Pain management. Four days ago, Marco’s mom wrote: “Hi everyone, I’m Carla, Marco’s mom. Unfortunately, things are falling apart. Within a few days Marco gave up. Thank you for the support you gave him and him. It was important. We salute you as he says ‘Hello besties’ and I Mommy and Daddy I tell you you guys are awesome! Thank you.”

Yesterday he confirmed then that the boy sadly died: “Hi, I am Marco’s mother. Two seconds to tell you that I am in front of the morgue, Marco is beautiful, he has the relaxed face of someone who has stopped suffering. And we say goodbye to Marco in the parish church of Saginaw tomorrow at 2.30 p.m.

Messages from fans, friends and relatives are being followed on social media: “I would like to share Marco’s story, because he was a kind and humble person and I want people to remember him. It seems to me a small gesture to honor him. A 31-year-old boy who passed away yesterday on his birthday, more than a year after ordeal and yet always with a smile. Hi Marco, free bird,” one user writes.