F1: Harman Introduces Standard Active Suspension | FormulaPassion – Formula 1

F1: Harman Introduces Standard Active Suspension |  FormulaPassion – Formula 1


Alpine technical director proposes a way to make the return of active suspension in Formula 1 sustainable – by CARLO PLATELLA

2026, Harman's Proposal: Standard Active Suspension to Reduce Costs

2023 will be a crucial year for determining the aerodynamic regulations for the next technical cycle. In fact, the introduction of the new generation of power units in 2026 brings with it a whole series of critical problems. Canceling MGU-H, using alternative fuels with lower energy content, and tripling electrification will make lighter, more aerodynamically efficient cars necessary. Active suspension systems have been hypothesized to return over and over again as a useful tool for reducing the drag of cars on a straight line, without compromising their cornering load. Last December, the FIA’s technical director, Nicolas Tombazis, publicly rejected that option, but he hasn’t completely disappeared from the talks yet.

Suggested by Matt Harman

Getting back to the topic of active suspension, Alpine Technical Director, Matt Harman. The engineer was interviewed by the editorial board of a magazine Racing engineering And I called first and foremost to think about the level of active suspensions one would like to implement. It’s a conversation that always comes back. What type of active comment do you want? High-frequency, high-fidelity suspension or low-frequency systems? The technologies are completely different in terms of cost and weight. We’ll come back to discuss this.” One of the contraindications is the subsequent increase in costs, which are associated not only with the system itself, but also with the lightning action that will be necessary to compensate for the increase in weight. But Harman proposes a solution: “It could be standard system Paid by external suppliers to be combined with a mandatory controller, so that it does not affect the cost ceiling. We’ll see what the FIA ​​comes up with.”

In the same interview the directorAlpine Technical Watches also anticipated what the philosophy behind the new individual seats would be: The cars will be similar to the current ones, but with greater aerodynamic development.” Also in 2026, Formula 1 will rely on ground effect through venturi channels, a formula that has proven effective in reducing aerodynamic turbulence for the car in pursuit. However, the issue of dimensions and active aerodynamics remains to be resolved.

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