He leaves Mediaset and goes to the competition

A new week, new episodes of the “Men and Women” program. Mediaset’s popular dating show holds up over time and continues to be a huge hit among the TV audience. Among the many variants, there is one constant: the presence of Gemma Galgani in the “Over” version of the program. Our Lady of Turin has been the face of the program for eight years. The only short period she was away from her studies at Cinecitta is due to her brief relationship with Giorgio Manenti, with whom she stayed together for about eight months. Archiving the story with “Seagull”, Galgani is back once again to find love between the U&D riders. Unfortunately, many failed attempts. Between November and December 2021, it seemed that the turning point had arrived: the first outside encounter with Leonardo, a knight who had come to the show just to get to know her, went very well. Then something broke.

Indeed, during the holiday period, the Lady of Turin receives some reports about her fiancé. It is rumored that Leonardo is not physically attracted to a woman, especially her skin. He neither denies nor asserts and admits that he “needs time” before he feels completely attracted to someone. Gemma is injured, decides to believe the reports and announces to Leonardo that she does not want to continue acquaintance. Currently the lady is out with other knights but there is no significant news from this point of view. While big news could come in the short term: Gemma Galgani will be ready to bid farewell to the show and explore new horizons. According to recent rumors, the historical lady who ascended the throne could leave Maria De Filippi’s dating offer for a new version of a very popular show.

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He got his start in the men’s and women’s studio a decade ago, but now it seems likely that he’s finally gone. His farewell to the show has been rumored for some time but now there is the age factor (72 years in January) and an alleged offer by Sky of a new reality show. More precisely, it’s a Celebrity Masterchef, ready to return to television in September 2022 with a spin-off featuring the three current chefs, the beloved faces of the show. Betting has already begun on the names of potential competitors, among whom the “strongman” is Gemma Galgani. For now, these are rumours: it seems almost certain that there has been contact between the two parties and that Gemma has taken the time to decide. Rumor has it that it tends to be accepted but at the moment there is no public data to confirm this. The only sure thing is that if he agrees, he will not be able to participate in two programs at the same time. Very soon we will surely know more.

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