He beats De Minaur by two sets and gives the cup to Italy. “A dream becomes reality”

He beats De Minaur by two sets and gives the cup to Italy.  “A dream becomes reality”

1-0 Arnaldi started well, winning a long race and scoring a brilliant back pass. Blue holds transmission at 0

1-1 Cool Popyrin on serve that starts with a double fault. The Australian then prevails thanks to an Arnaldi backhand error and keeps the innings at 15

2-1 Arnaldi is very aggressive, tries to play deep but still makes mistakes with his backhand and goes down 30-15. Volleyball solves the problems for the Blue Team, who then end the match with a smash

3-1 An excellent response from Arnaldi, who took a 30-0 lead, taking advantage of his opponent’s timid seconds. Matteo scores again with a forehand, wins three break points and converts the third: an Italian break in the third game

3-2 Popyrin reacts immediately and flies 40, in turn winning three rebounds and converting the first: Australian counter strike in the fifth game

Popyrin starts 3-3 with a serve winner and reaches 30-0 thanks to a leading error from Arnaldi, who then commits another error with his backhand. The Australian then held serve at 0 and leveled the score in the first set

4-3 Arnaldi shakes himself with serve and flies 40-0 and holds serve

4-4 Popyrin starts with a winning serve, but loses clarity during the match and Arnaldi takes advantage of it and equalizes (30-30). The partial continues the lead: Mathieu wins a break point, canceled by the Australian, who thus manages, with difficulty, to hold serve

5-4 Arnaldi scores with a forehand, a double fault brings Popyrin back into the match, who recovers but is hit by a backhand from Mathieu. However, Blue serves a forehand and takes the game to the upside, as he is still able to recover the partial winner.

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5-5 Arnaldi wins the first set. Mathieu tries to pressure his opponent in response and flies 30-0 with a good point into the net. Another error from Popyrin gave the Italian three set points, but the Australian canceled them all out. Two service winners give Popyrin the lead

Popyrin starts well on serve at 6-5, Arnaldi tries to impose his own rhythm but clashes with the Australian’s strong defence, who has two break points, but they are canceled out by Mathieu. Blue gets out of trouble with an ace and holds serve

7-5 Arnaldi wins the first set. Popyrin misses a forehand early in the match and then scores a diagonal with a serve winner. A dramatic error into the net by the Australian brought Arnaldi back into the match, but he then missed with his forehand. Blue does not give up and wins another set point, the fourth of the match, this time converted by Arnaldi, who then wins the first set 7-5.

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