Grillo uses the wheat crisis to attack the US and the Italian government

Grillo uses the wheat crisis to attack the US and the Italian government

The founder of M5S wrote on his blog that the food crisis is not the fault of Russia that attacked Ukraine, it is the fault of finance. But the article is also an attack on the foreign minister who is working on the file

The ongoing food crisis is not due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but rather because of finances. a word Baby Grillo. The founder of the 5 Star Movement signed a post on his blog claiming that the war in Ukraine is “often cited by the media to explain the food crisis and the general increase in grain prices” but that “finance is using food as a weapon. Deliberately destroying the diet, because it is financial speculation that plays an essential role. “.

“Agriculture thus became speculative finance,” Grillo says. He continues, “According to a recent report by Oxfam, food prices rose by 30% between March 2021 and March 2022. Meanwhile, the ultra-rich who own multinational food companies have seen a massive rise in their fortunes.” He then focused on “the family that owns American grain giant Cargill” using well-known rhetoric against the “powerful forces” of American finance: “It adds $20 million to the family’s coffers every day,” Grillo wrote. From “vulgar anger behind people’s backs”.

It is not news that Grillo is pointing the finger at the United States over the war in Ukraine from his blog (which was recently agreed with the 5-Star Movement headed by Giuseppe Conte expected to be paid for hosting party publications). Over the past few weeks From those pages, the ambassador Torquato Cardelli He attacked the United States, Italy and NATO and justified it Russian President Vladimir Putin. a few days ago The “Holy Code” called for the dismantling of the military along the lines of the Costa Rican model (for Rome or Kyiv or both?) and praised China’s “peaceful approach”.

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Rush for Wheat – “Please do not use wheat, the staple food, as a weapon of war!” , Bob said in a general audience on Wednesday. Francis – However, it has political implications. In fact, it is in the viewfinder of the Grillo Luigi Di Maio. The foreign minister and former political leader of the Five Star Movement has been involved diplomatically in the case for weeks. By attacking him, Grillo also attacks the government he leads Mario Draghi.

in the last days Di Maio talked about the wheat situation with Anthony BlinkenCity Police. Two weeks ago Di Maio went to New York to speak at Ministerial Meeting “Call for Global Food Security for Action” Wanted by the Biden administration and headed by Blinken. We must avoid a global war of bread: hunger “brings instability, terrorism, coup attempts and poverty” and with them new waves of immigration towards Europe, the minister warned that he also held a bilateral meeting with his Turkish counterpart in New York. Mouloud Cavusoglu. Russian Foreign Minister next week Serge Lavrov He will be in Turkey in June to “discuss safe passages” for transport from Ukraine.

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