Greta torpedoed by Gretini and abused the blow and Zaloni: for that day…

Greta torpedoed by Gretini and abused the blow and Zaloni: for that day…

– On strike Landini I think there is very little to add about UIL: you must have read all about it already Newspaper. Unions have the right to call all the abstainers out of work they want, as long as they do it according to the rules and it looks like they got the trash this time. end. The problem is not that big this Friday. The point is that strikes are now completely useless. They make so many of them (1,500 and more in 2023) that the working world has become accustomed to absorbing their effects. We get angry because we can’t take the subway, some companies may face temporary inconveniences, but nothing really upsets the working world. If we add that often”General strikes“It is called for political reasons, and here we come to the conclusion: instead of the ‘right to strike’ we are now dealing with ‘abuse of the strike’.

– Tonight Chico Zalon He returns to television with Amore+Iva. It’s going to be a hit, I put my hat to it. After all, the comedian made the only “mistake.” Tolo tolo, the last movie, when he abandoned his irreverent streak and tried to be profound. Checco works because he enters He laughed All that, at least once, and more politically correct He was thinking of us as “sexual men”, gays, foreigners, taxes, pensions, southerners, southerners, Milanese, cuckolds, priests. Chico is one of the few who remain free to say what he wants in a world unable to laugh at itself.

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– The survey makes me smile Republic On the maneuver. They say voters reject the budget (average rating: 5), but then you go and read the verdict on the individual measures and things don’t make sense. Everyone is happy with the tax wedge, additional benefits, working mothers, parental leave, tax cuts of up to 28 thousand euros and no tax zone. On the other hand, there are many against reducing pensions, stopping construction work in the bill, and not extending the super bonus. Does it surprise you? Taxpayers are happy if they collect the bonus, and angry if they cannot collect the bonus. easy. Most of all I am surprised by the 56% of envious people (government or permanent employees) who do not want the flat tax increased to 15% for those whose bills exceed 85 thousand euros per year. Perhaps the gentlemen do not understand that the “sales volume” does not correspond to their fixed annual salary.

– We’re not great friends with exhaustionBut today’s article about Israel gives him credit. Not only because it goes against the heart of his readers, Grillino is very and Views On the issue of Palestine. But also because it gets to the heart of the question. That is, the Arabs may complain about many things, but they lost most of the lands they claim in the wars (which they started) and/or they do not want to regain them so as not to sign recognition agreements with the hated Israel. . University professors should know this.

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-L Republic It must be a desperate means, actually reconnaissance On the It was shown for the first time Today they hid it a little. Demos discovered that “a large percentage of Italians hope for the direct election of the prime minister.” We’re talking about 53% of respondents “totally agree” with the idea. It may be a little less, but it’s a lot of stuff.

– More than half of the top 100 profiles Instagram The highest paid, i.e. the richest influencers, are owned by women. The gender gap has reversed. But the richest is Javi Lamy, who is a man. And here the boys laugh: Not even the influencer platform, we leave you.

– In Germany, Friday for Future Gives a thumbs up to Greta Thunberg. After her comments about Palestine, which turned an environmental project into something politically evil, they politely informed her of her dismissal: Say what you want, but you do not represent us. “As a movement, we are clearly opposed to all forms of anti-Semitism. We do not compromise on this point. We fight to protect Jewish life – here and everywhere.” How wonderful: Greta blasted by Greta.

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