USA 2024 Obama takes the field to help Biden and aims to win over young voters

USA 2024 Obama takes the field to help Biden and aims to win over young voters

Luncheon at the White House. Then some videos to Fundraising campaign launched for re-election in 2024. Barack Obama Domain took to help Joe Biden He extended a helping hand to his second in office and thus supported the 2024 election campaign.

Biden’s goal is to revive his image and, above all, to win over young voters. In fact, the president pays the price himself constant slips In addition to the 80 years, which certainly does not make her “attractive” in the eyes of new generations. On the contrary, Obama has managed to speak the language of youth while remaining an inspiring face for young Democrats. The ex-president’s greater vision and greater commitment also aim to achieve less traditional audience which, although in line with democratic values, does not show interest in the party it does not feel it represents.

In short, helping the former president could help “rejuvenate” the Biden campaign. And perhaps it is no coincidence that his commitment started from some videos with a very social approach. Example? The decision to end a clip posted to Youtube with a plot twist seems to have impressed users: Joe Biden takes on Obama in his donation appeal.

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