Alfasud Sprint: The break arrives from Portugal

Alfasud Sprint: The break arrives from Portugal

The thirst continues for concept cars that feature cars from the past that have been updated and improved with modern components. One of the most interesting things that has emerged recently are featuresAlfa Romeo Alfaso Sprint. It is the work of the Portuguese Alma It is particularly inspired by the Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint 6C created by Autodelta in 1982 To participate in the tournament gathering In Group B. Unfortunately, the project was postponed, so what remains in the headlines is a prototype of a mid-engined rally car with a Zagato-designed chassis.

to’Alfa Romeo Sprint Made by Alpma, it offers muscle the car body compound with Accessories Squared-off wheel arches, custom bumpers, stylish rear-view mirrors, and a spoiler integrated into the end of the rear window. On the front there is a new series of Headlights Hella bullets, mounted inside an aluminum casing. The passenger compartment is covered in Alcantara and corduroy with aluminum inserts. The Zagato steering wheel is combined with the aluminum shifter. The streamlined seats feature 4-point Sabelt harnesses, giving it a definite motorsport feel.

Under the hood there is no centrally located Busso V6 engine as in the 1980s Sprint 6C prototype; Boxer engine Four cylinders 1.8 litres With rebuilt heads, forged pistons, custom camshafts, and a pair of Dell’Orto carburetors. Delivers modified engine 158 hp The authority that governs Weight For the car that stops at 880 kgGuarantee good performance. The five-speed close-ratio manual gearbox can be paired with a Torsen limited-slip differential on the front axle. Other upgrades include adjustable shock absorbers and larger, ventilated discs.

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Alma intends to produce 20 copies SubordinateAlfa Romeo Sprint Restomod, each of which will be customized according to the owner’s needs. Prices were not revealed, and the first deliveries are expected to take place in the third quarter of 2024.

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