Google faces Open AI and powers its search engine with artificial intelligence

Google faces Open AI and powers its search engine with artificial intelligence

Google has decided to address the threat to its business from artificial intelligence (AI) applications, such as Open AI’s ChatGPT, and has enhanced several of its key products with powerful generative AI features and tools, as well as some new products that compete directly. With orders from Sam Altman Company.

The company announced them on Tuesday at the Google I/O developer conference, and the most important ones, which are specifically aimed at protecting its business, are those that affect its search engine. Due to the risk of users abandoning Chrome in favor of ChatGPT, in the US from
Starting next Tuesday, users of this search engine will have different and new options at their disposal.

Through a video of a broken device, you can identify the model and suggest a solution

This is an AI overview, “AI summaries” generated by their Gemini AI model, that appear at the top of search results, alongside traditional correlation-based results. Liz Read, Google’s head of research, said the AI ​​Overviews feature will be available to “more than a billion people” by the end of the year.

In this way, Google intends to respond to more complex and specific searches that its browser has not yet been able to offer, but paid versions of ChatGPT can, while Google’s intention, for now, is to keep this new functionality free. For example, it will now be possible to ask Chrome to find us the best Pilates centers less than a 20-minute walk from home – or from the location we request – and show us their prices and whether they have offers. The AI ​​Overviews feature will be able to provide us with a summary of the required information, which will save us the hassle of following up he moved Click on the different links. Another example: We can also ask you to help us organize any event in our life, from a dinner in a restaurant to a birthday celebration
– With different options for types of restaurants, prices, cuisines and menus for groups – or dinner at home – with recipes to prepare in more or less time depending on our preferences and those of our guests – or even to help us organize a trip anywhere in the world. In addition, the user can always choose between three summary levels, from the simplest to the most comprehensive.

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On the other hand, Google has also improved its Lens service – its image-based search – which can now, for example, display a photo or video of
We have a problem with the device and we ask him why it is not working so he can explain to us
Solution will be able to the lens
To discover the product model and a summary of the steps needed to solve the problem will be generated.

The technology is also bringing AI to its Google Photos app, where it will already do a lot for unstructured photos, as it can now be asked to identify all photos of a place for us, which meet certain requirements – like for example, that a certain person appear – And he chooses the best from this entire group.

Google also revealed a new artificial intelligence assistant that is still under development under the temporary name Project Astra. He demonstrated a prototype of an audio tool that can use a smartphone’s camera to verbally locate locations, read and explain programming codes, and create rhyming sentences. [ Tres tristes tigres comen trigo en un trigal ]. During the conference, the Assistant interacted vocally with a Google worker, and using the camera lens was able to determine the worker’s location, just from what was seen from the window: the King’s Cross area in London, where Google has its artificial intelligence. lonliness.

Finally, Google also introduced Veo, a cinematic-quality video generator that uses text generated by Deep Mind that aims to compete with Sora, a tool that does exactly the same thing that Open AI introduced in February. With Veo, users will be able to create more 1080p videos
For one minute, which is his opponent’s maximum. Veo doesn’t have a release date yet.

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