Germans like USA-

Before the formation of the post-Merkel government In Germany, the attitude of the Germans towards their country’s relations with the major powers is changing. They are more positive about the United States than they were a few years ago and less about China and Russia. The president in Bechter, Social Democrat Olaf Scholes and his allies Greens and Liberals should take this into account. Looking ahead, it will affect the politics of Europe. An analysis released last Monday by the American Pew Research Center and the German Krber-Stiftung indicates that the relationship between the United States and Germany is in the process of being repaired. Until last year, the 79% The Germans believed it was bad 18% The one who thought it was good. Today, in a poll conducted in September, the situation is reversed 71% Consider the relationship good 24% Worse. In part, the resignation of President Donald Trump, which the majority of Germans do not like, would have had an impact on the change of presidency in Washington. But the geopolitical change of the season certainly had an impact, with Beijing and Moscow feeling the most intimidating. When in April 2020 The Germans saw the relationship between the United States and China as equally important (37 A 36%) Today 67% Considers the relationship with Washington to be very important and unique 19% He loves Beijing: an extraordinary change in outlook in a very short time.

Russia also falls in favor of the Germans: in 2020 The 25% Prioritized the United States, and today the stock is down 16%. But there is another result of considerable importance to European politics: until last year, the 54% The Germans regarded France as their most important foreign partner 10% This pointed to the United States; Today, The 44% Considers the partnership with Washington to be very relevant and limited 27% With France (Americans mostly support the United Kingdom). In defending democracy and human rights, The 63% The Germans argue that it is a partner against the United States 38% Who supported him last year. Discoveries are of interest to both sides of the Atlantic. According to Washington, post-war Germany is the most important European partner, and they will be comforted by this evolution. In Berlin and Brussels, they will take this into account when they have to fill the much-talked-about strategic autonomy of Europe with content.

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