Tensions between Chip, US and China threaten largest European technology company Asml

According to Paul Troylo, director of global technology policy at consulting firm Eurasia Group, it remains to be seen whether ASml’s restrictions on exports to China will be extended to other corporate products. Says Triolo The United States is concerned that more advanced chips could end up in Chinese military technology, But said there had never been an open debate comparing national security interests and the implications for the semiconductor industry. “Industrialists are experiencing a moment of frustration“- explained –. Companies want a clearly articulated explanation of what their obligations are“.

Chinese answer

In April 2021, a Relationship Explains the new export rules of the Semiconductor Industry Association and the Boston Consulting Group Encouraged China to create alternative local companies to manufacture chip machines. Shanghai Microelectronics Equipment, for example, is one of the standout companies Placing Chinese alternative to Asml. According to CEO Peter Wennink, this is a concern for Asml in an interview. Politics Explained “In 15 years, China will be able to do everything by itself [per i fornitori europei] That market will no longer exist. “. According to Dawson, if ASML on the one hand is closed to one part of the world, the other part will need more chips: “Asml does not care which chips are made, as long as they are manufactured“.

What is the biggest concern Risk of losing lead, Whether it is in favor of a competitor from China or from another country. In the case of Asml, the point “If they really focused on the right solution and had technologies they did not expect, they would have the potential to disrupt the industry. “Henk Wolberta, professor of strategy and innovation at the University of Amsterdam School of Business, explained that the technology in question in the case of Asml could be photonics.”Can produce chips that work with light [fotonica, ndr] Instead of electricity“.

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Future plans

To protect himself from potential competitors, Asml said Invests more in innovation. In 2021, the company said it spent 13.7% of its sales revenue on research and development, which is expected to rise to 14% by 2022. However, for Trilo, this is precisely the key to research and development. Industry will turn trade tensions between the US and China into a major threat: “If the US tries to expand its control by targeting a large number of potential Asml customers, this is indeed possible Isolate the Chinese market for the company In a more serious way“, He explained.

Although it cannot export its sophisticated machinery to China, ASML can still sell its other technologies in the country. Around 2020 Thirty percent The company’s sales came from China. Increased trade tensions damage income e Undermines the organization’s ability to carry out research and development, A field that is incredibly expensive to maintain, Triolo explained. “Is there a large enough market for other countries to be competitive and continue to reap these R&D benefits from their revenues? Triolo asked himself. This is the knot that needs to be untied”.

This article was originally published Wired UK.

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