Gasoline, the price fell by 24 cents and a new potential drop in the coming weeks: this is the amount

Gasoline, the price fell by 24 cents and a new potential drop in the coming weeks: this is the amount

The fuel prices continues to decline. The downtrend, which began at the end of June, continues, in particular for gasoline, as the cost of the pump has returned below the level. Pre-war values ​​in Ukraine. Since the last survey of Ministry of Economic DevelopmentMade in mid August And published today, it appears that the average price of unleaded gasoline has reached 1770 euros per liter.

On August 8, the cost was 1,830 euros per liter: so was the difference 6 cents (-3.3%) over the course of a week. The diesel Instead, it was indicated at a price of 1,756 euros per liter, with a similar difference of 3.02%, equivalent to 5.47 cents less for 1,811 euros on August 8. According to the latest predictions, then, These prices may continue to drop in the coming weekswhich benefits the pockets of the Italians.

For full savings of over €12

celebrate Massimiliano DonnaPresident of the National Union of Consumers, who points out that since the oil-producing countries (the so-called membersOPEC +) decided to increase production, Prices fell sharply. Since the end of June, the cost of gasoline has fallen Over 24 cents a literwith a decrease of 11.7%, equal to Over 12€ for a 50L tank. On the other hand, diesel fuel fell by more than 22 cents per liter, with a decrease of 10.9%, equivalent to more than 11 euros to refuel.

However, the prices remain still high: Compared to January 1 this year, despite the reduction in tax and value-added tax by 30 cents per liter (which will be valid until September 20), the cost of gasoline is 6.5% higher, i.e. 5 euros and 55 cents more For a full tank of 50 liters and an additional 133 euros on an annual basis. Diesel fuel took off 14.3% 11 euros and 30 cents to refuel, equivalent to 271 euros more per year.

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In the First half of 2022Thus, the cost that Italy had to incur to obtain crude oil from abroad increased 79.3% compared to the same period in 2021.

Low oil in the market

To drive costs down, in addition to OPEC decisions, is the lower price of oil MarketThis is for the possibility of making a return in the market Iranian oil And to the economic data of China, the main buyer of crude oil (renewed values Fears of a global recession). The Wti Drops Under $90 a barrel (at around 86), the lowest since January 25, while at the end of July only it crossed $100. The Brent he is Just over $90 a barrelabout 20 euros less than at the beginning of the month and 33 less than at the beginning of March.

According to the study Goldman Sachs There should have been strong uptrend In the past two weeks, due to the strength ofSeparation between financial retail prices and financial Brent prices“,”Much wider than expected“. but This didn’t happen And the most likely scenario is A further downWTI, for example, is around $80 a barrel, or at most slightly up to $90.

Gasoline price, how low can it fall

This means gasoline prices at the pump They should be down by a few cents morewith an average that can approximate €1.70 per liter It may fall slightly below this threshold. However, much will depend on The war between Russia and Ukraine. exacerbate energy crisisBy increasing the costs of diverting oil from the soil to pumping it worldwide, it could reverse the downward trend.

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