A senior developer said it’s good to be back – Nerd4.life

A senior developer said it’s good to be back – Nerd4.life

Pawe Sasko, one Senior Developer From Cyberpunk 2077 movieHe couldn’t hide his happiness for Resurrection The game is in the public eye, which is between the latest updates and the Netflix series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is experiencing a particularly buoyant period, and has come to say that it is “dreaded” to make a comeback, i.e., to take back the land after a disastrous launch of the game at the end of 2020.

Sasko spoke about it on his own Twitch channel The character, telling about the difficulties caused by the launch of the game:

“It’s hard to express yourself, when you’re so invested in feelings and working on something. And you know that for some of us it’s been six, seven, eight years and more, especially for those who’ve been there since the beginning. So this moment, when people appreciate what we’ve done, It almost seems unreal. People are finally enjoying it.”

Sasko then went on to remember the terrible launch of Cyberpunk 2077: “After the launch, I couldn’t believe it (it took me a while), and I remember my cute girlfriend saw me completely devastated. But it’s good to be back.. Good to be back. It really broke my heart.” .

In short, the players’ record in recent days is doing well on the morale of the developers of CD Projekt Red, who have paid so much for the managers’ mistakes.

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