Gas continues to fall below 200 euros in Amsterdam – Economy

Gas continues to fall below 200 euros in Amsterdam – Economy

Gas price continues to decline As Europe prepares to present a package of measures tomorrow to deal with the energy crisis and expensive energy and Russia suffers from Ukraine’s counterattack in the east of the country. Ttf futures due in October fell 5.6% to €195.5 per megawatt-hour in the Amsterdam market. On the energy front, oil reversed and rose 1%, with WTI trading at $87.6 and Brent at 93.9 (+1.1%). Buying is a bit worrying on all commodities with gold rising 0.6% to $1,726. On the food front, both soft wheat and durum wheat (-0.5% and -0.6%), respectively, decreased at $924 and $864 per bushel, while concerns about the demand of Russian President Vladimir Putin evaporated. supplies to Europe. (Dealing).

Europe is moving quickly to introduce a cap on the price of gas: “Yesterday there was a call for a first group of experts, including an Italian,” said the Minister for Environmental Transformation. Roberto Cingolani Interview with Radio 24. Singolani explained that the mandate had been given “for the month of September” to study the price ceiling and that “in two weeks” there would be the first indications. “As for the decision – he explained – there is no need for unanimity, it is a qualified majority.”

The government is working To a procedure to give a certain amount of gas at a controlled price to companies that suffer. This was stated by the Minister of Environmental Transformation Roberto Cingolani on Radio 24 explaining that the measure should arrive next week. “He said that the operators that provide this gas are not non-profit organizations, they are listed companies, and they cannot be required to give the state gas that will be offered at a reduced price, there are investors who must explain the “process.” Singolani has the hypothesis in place to solve this problem.

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