Gameplay video of the Italian front war shooter of World War I –

Gameplay video of the Italian front war shooter of World War I –

Isonzu Returns to show itself in a file gameplay videoone of the first special shooting games to be set on The Italian Front in World War I And apparently, they were somewhat keen to reconstruct some of the typical dynamics of the time.

In fact, the video on this page shows a fairly common situation for soldiers who participated in the introduction to World War I, with the need to Cut some barbed wire So you can advance towards enemy lines, all while staying under enemy fire.

This is a very short video, and given that Isonzo is still in development, it cannot be taken as very indicative of the quality of the game or its contents in an extended sense, as it lasts for about 10 seconds, but it can give us an idea of ​​the atmosphere and some of the moments when we will be able to We find ourselves in it.

The developers Blackmill Games and M2H intend, in this case too, to organize a rather loyal shooting Historical reconstruction of events Real, however, is the organization of various events of little use in the world of video games, such as the battles that took place between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the Alps and along the Isonzo River.

Me too’equipment So its use will have an important role in the gameplay and this small part proves it. To learn more about the game, we refer you to the interview with the developers of Isonzo.

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