Decree issued on July 29 describes the developments

Decree issued on July 29 describes the developments

The July 29 decree approved the changes to the IMU declaration. It is awaiting publication in the Official Gazette only.

Taxpayers will have to familiarize themselves with the new approved IMU declaration and await publication. Let’s find out what’s new.

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The administrative decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance approved the new decision IMU . announcement Which is now just waiting to be published in the Official Gazette. The administration informed him yesterday, attached to the signed decree and the complete acknowledgment form as an attachment All instructions To complete and submit online. In fact, the taxpayer will be free to choose whether to proceed with electronic forwarding, via PEC or registered letter or if Submit the paper form. Web path selection has to wait On September 7.

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The need to create a new model arose because of the need to Announces exemptions from Pay IMU expected in times of epidemics. In this way, the tax authorities will be able to carry out settlement and assessment activities with more practical application. This is because the new form should allow tax offices Facilities Registration Within the national register of state aid, in the registries of SIAN or SIPA (for assistance in the fisheries and agricultural sectors). The reference section is the “Temporary Framework Exemption for State Assistance.”

The user will only have to Check the box. In fact, the inclusion of the facility use sector was not envisaged, which, in theory, is necessary to identify the registry. It will not be necessary to enter Ateco . code From the activity that gives the right to exemption or the amount of assistance. Municipalities can disclose the latter based on declared property values ​​and rates applied in reference years. Moreover, IMU’s new advertising model Does not require entering the standard Which gives the right to exemption. It can be referred to as self-certification It was provided to municipalities by the Revenue Agency. So the model appears to be missing several important funds for taxpayers and municipalities.

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Deadline for submitting the form

The IMU return must be forwarded if there are changes in the data already sent to the Revenue Agency specifying the amount of tax. In general, the form should be submitted within June 30 of this year Referring to the previous year’s changes. Referring to 2021, the extension was extended until December 31, 2022 due to the need to create a new model. Unexpected extension for non-commercial entities (last June 30 deadline remains).

Important final information on the new IMU announcement. The taxpayer has a choice Replace the form in case of error Compilation. It is enough to put a tick in the “Replacement” box on the first page of the advertisement, taking into account the timing of the actual repentance.

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