Fruit, after eating it hurts: science finally answers

Fruit, after eating it hurts: science finally answers

Fruit, after eating it hurts: science finally answers. This painful? And if so, how can it harm our body

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Very close to this old saying and proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away“With our deepest condolences to our dear doctor, we cling to the fruit as if the absolute secret was stored in it. from eternity. Or of eternal youth, which is somewhat the same.

Certainly yes, fruit is one of the essential supplements to a healthy and balanced diet. Rich in vitamins and fiber, and each fruit has its own peculiarity. In short, eating it is fine, but be careful not to generalize. The question “fruit after meals hurts” is often treated as a simple trifle, a kind of urban legend that frightens us a little.

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Fruit after meals, experts tell us if it hurts

Fruit after meals
(from Pixabay)

Now science is responding and perhaps, coincidentally, not quite as well as we would like. Because if it is true that the fruit is good for you, then there are many cases where, if eaten after meals, it is not very good.

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Let us immediately give the reasons for this strange fact: the fruit is rich, among other things sugars. This means that if they are eaten at the end of some meals, meals rich in carbohydrates, they slow down the digestion process. There are some substances in the fruit that will aid in digestion as well, such as bromelain and vitamin C, but we must be able to account for possible combinations with what we have eaten before. While waiting to be digested, the sugars in the fruit rise, and our stomach swells. But let’s expose someone’s falsity LegendEating fruit after eating doesn’t just make you fat swell. Also, if we eat it after eatingWe won’t even be able to comprehend everything he has Nutrients.

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