Frederic Melies talks about Julian Obi and his interventions in Palma

Frederic Melies talks about Julian Obi and his interventions in Palma

art critic, Frederic MeliesHe publishes a new contribution to the Journal of Ideas, Culture and Art,“, titled”‘Less is more’ Which talks about the Julian Opie exhibition and the entries distributed in downtown Palma.

La Llotja de Palma hosts the Julian Opie exhibition featuring 14 specially selected pieces by the British artist. LCD sculptures, installations and films by Julien Opie will also be on display at Passeig de Sagrera, Passeig del Born and Casal Soleric, where works can be viewed Day 22021, ed Portuguese horoscopes2019.

Frederic Melies begins his review by saying, “While walking with a friend along Paseo del Born de Ciutat, we noticed a screen with a cement base that suggested to us, at first, some new signage or promotional item on which, later, a moving image showed the female figure formed by LED Lamps We had hoped it would end up indicating some reference, direction or price. This was not the case. It was a sculpture by the British artist Julian Urby (London, 1958) included in the recently opened exhibition at the initiative of the Balearic City Council and the government.

You can read the entire review at this link.

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