France orders Apple to withdraw it from the market

From September 12th In France it is no longer possible to buy the iPhone 12. According to authorities, they have Apple was ordered to suspend salesthe model launched in 2020 will emit a lot of electromagnetic radiation.

Tests conducted by the French agency that regulates radio frequencies have found this The iPhone 12 emits an amount of waves that the human body can absorb, which exceeds the limit permitted by law 1.74 watts per kilogram.

a A problem that can be solved by a “simple software update”Minister of Digital and Communications Jean-Noel Barrot explains. “I believe in the company’s sense of responsibility to respect our rules – continued Barrow, who has reduced the risks of carcinogenic electromagnetic radiation -. My job is to enforce them, but if not, I’m ready to order the iPhone 12 rolling stock. “The rule is the same for everyone, including digital giants.”

During simulation tests, when the phone is held in your hand or pocket, i.e Laboratories found that the body’s absorption is 5.74 watts per kilogram. As for these tests, the European standard stipulates a specific absorption rate of 4.0 watts per kilogram.

“As for phones that have already been sold, Apple must take corrective action as soon as possible “To bring it into compliance, otherwise they will have to withdraw it,” the front said in a statement on its website.

Contacted by Agence France-Presse Apple questioned Anfr’s findings, saying it had provided multiple independent analyses Which proves that the devices are compliant and that the company has continued to cooperate with the regulator. The company claims that the iPhone 12 has in fact been certified by various bodies and has been recognized as compliant with all applicable SAR regulations and standards across the world. But the decision has been made and as of Tuesday, Anfr customers are verifying that the iPhone 12 is no longer for sale on French territory.

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