At La Fenice, anti-aging medicine is a science

At La Fenice, anti-aging medicine is a science

In the Diagnostic Medical Center Phoenix Anti-aging medicine is not magic. It’s just science. Maintain your health and youth with Prof. Dr. Roberto Mazzoli, one of the main exponents
Italian and international anti-aging nutrition
it’s possible.

Starting with the individual’s blood type, the doctor adapts the diet to the person’s characteristics through personalized food plans. “A good body works well if it contains good nutritionwhich should be targeted according to your blood type – Professor Mazzoli explainsThe basis of the anti-aging system is the concept of cell division. I have discovered that aging is a disease like any other, so it is treatable. We are often drawn to sugar and salt, which are inflammatory foods for our body. Humans do not need much food, but a little good food: the right fuel for our life.”

Nutrition is the key component of primary prevention – The Director General of the Center, Dr. Alberto Gagliardi. What they eat determines our state of health and well-being over time. At La Fenice, we’re all about prevention. Our center is a reference point for diagnostic imaging, completely equivalent to a hospital, with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest generation, with more than 120 professional doctors covering all specialties. Thanks to the synergy and interdisciplinary collaboration between them, La Fenice has been able to personalize these wellness paths that allow the preservation of patients’ well-being.

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