Finally a foreign policy program to understand the United States and China –

Finally a foreign policy program to understand the United States and China –

Finally, the foreign policy program, finally suitable To understand the United States and China, two greatest powers From the world, finally an appointment not to be missed, whether you watch it on Friday night on Rai3 or relive it on Rai Play. «CinAmerica – The Challenge» It is a program co-authored by Giada Misetti (sinologist and essayist) and Francesco Costa (journalist at mailIt’s a nice morning newspaper review.) With the mission clear, the two try to save the building and Context To understand the current situation in which the United States and China are now absolute champions. where do I start? Who studied political geography? From the frenzied pursuit of roving news reporter-style? No, with a pen biography. Misiti narrated the life of Xi Jinping and Costa the life of Joe Biden.

The father of the President of the People’s Republic of China was a prominent leader of the Communist Party, but during cultural revolution He fell into disgrace. Xi Jinping was sent to Shaanxi, his father’s hometown, to live with I farmers. Despite years of suffering, poverty and humiliation, Xi joined the Communist Party, perhaps out of revenge, simply out of pragmatism. Even Biden has his own “Black hole”When he was first elected to the Senate from Delaware in 1972, his young wife Neilia and beloved daughter Naomi (just over a year old) were murdered in Car accident. The other two children, Beau and Hunter, who were 3 and 2 at the time, were in the back seat. They survivedbut they were hospitalized for several days.

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Beside the biography The chair must necessarily coincide with the biography his mombut the story of Xi and Joe is an excellent starting point for getting into the heart of a more political narrative and orienting yourself in the world setting in Continuous boom. The analyzes by American journalist Evan Osnos, Pulitzer Prize winner, deep connoisseur of both Washington and Beijing, and the observations of Jada Pai, cultural mediator and Chinese language teacher, are really interesting. “Cinema of America”deserves to be followed.

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