Record one-day cancellations in the United States

In the first half of the first day of 2022, approx 2,500 Flights to or from US airports. Already nine days of covit and consequent staff shortages have forced companies to cancel several flights, but today there was a strong snowstorm. At 7:30 pm in Italy, 2,482 flights were canceled across the United States. Half Of all the cancellations in the world, 4.304. According to the Air Traffic Surveillance Service FlightAware, Is the balance of a day More Shortly before Christmas, there has never been a record since airlines began complaining of staff shortages due to an increase in Govt-19 infections among team members. In the United States, they have been canceled since December 24 Over 12,000 Flights.

Govind is not alone

City Chicago, In the northwest of the country, most affected Snow stormAs a result, O’Hare Airport canceled 402 outbound and 425 incoming flights. Chicago’s other airport, Midway, had to cancel 130 departures and 143 arrivals. About Airlines, Southwest has canceled more than 450 flights, 13% of those planned. Skywest, which operates flights such as American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express, has banned more than 400 flights or 21% of its schedule. American, Delta, United and Jet Blue canceled more than 100 flights each.

The situation will have a major impact Next days. A large number of passengers whose flights have been canceled will try to re-book. It is provided by the Traffic Safety Administration 10 million More people will be checking in at the airport from the end of the day on Monday. There High turnout Passengers will collide again this weekend Peak Corona virus cases among aviation department employees, fortunately, seem to indicate weather forecasts Progress conditions.

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