The Municipal Socialist Group of Morella denounces the municipal corporation CISE's collection of band fees for the community of neighbors

The Municipal Socialist Group of Morella denounces the municipal corporation CISE's collection of band fees for the community of neighbors

PSP in Morella

The Municipal Socialist Group of the Morella City Council wants to report that a scale fee has been imposed by CISE (Integrated Center for Economic Services), a municipal company of the Morella City Council, for the second time in a few months. To the entire community of neighbors of the property located in the city.

Already in November, the Socialists formulated a question in the regular session, echoing the complaints of the neighbourhood, concerned about this irregular event that had actually occurred for the first time, and also asking whether they had been reintegrated with the neighbors the funds collected incorrectly. Silence and lack of information was the response of Mayor Bernabe Sanguesa.

Far from receiving any explanation from the mayor, and the general meeting in December was also held later without information from those responsible for the municipal government, we find ourselves, two months after the first batch, with the unpleasant surprise of being informed by the neighbors that they had seen again The corresponding share of the community of neighbors charged to their accounts and also on this occasion to CISE, finding themselves once again in the dilemma of not knowing whether they have fully refunded the money to the affected owners, many of whom have not received any kind of explanation. For Joan Carles Marcobal, the council member who framed the question in the plenary session in November, “This is a fact that, if the first time was indeed a serious violation on the part of the CISE Director, now it is an intolerable fact that requires direct responsibility on the part of the mayor with the responsible person appointed by the votes of the independents and the Popular Party, and also with a monthly bonus.”.

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This fact, which is not isolated, has been repeated again, worrying us because it involves the unauthorized use of personal and banking data by the affected persons and the municipal company, as well as the seizure of resources that have nothing to do with it. Municipal Corporation On the other hand, if it is in the specific business of the person who holds the position of CEO of the municipal corporation. It must be remembered that he was appointed with the votes of independents by Morella and the PP, and although he was not an elected councilor, he received a monthly salary.

From PSPV-PSOE “It is a serious and stark fact that the bank accounts and personal information of the individuals and owners of the affected apartments are in the hands of the municipal company CISE and the people who manage it, who are appointed by the mayor with the votes of the independents and the Popular Party and thus their confidence..

The Municipal Socialist Group asks Mayor Morella “Appropriate clarifications about the facts, and to submit a public request to apologize to the neighbors affected by the illegal collection, without neglecting to purify the responsibilities for the unacceptable and repeated manner in which the illegal charges were brought, and the “private” mixing of the activity of the current CEO with the public service of CISE.”

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