Feminist singer Les Kol·lontai started the band BarnaSants

Feminist singer Les Kol·lontai started the band BarnaSants

“Border Sisters” This is the second (still disc-free) reference they have released Les Kollontaiafter the previous “Purple Songs” served as the starting point in 2017 Barna Sants. Sylvia comes, Meritxyl gene I Yvette Nadal (Montse Castella no longer exists) The 29th edition of the competition opened with a concert in Youth Theater Hospitalet de Llobregat.

This Les Kollontai reunion brings together three musicians and a producer to enrich the sound of the new collection composed of songs by beloved singers and composers. “usually Singer-songwriters go solo We do not despise him, on the contrary, we love him. But with these musicians maybe We deliver the message to a wider audience“, says Yvette Nadal.

“Border Sisters”, with a feminist message

The new “Border Sisters” message is clearly a feminist one. “We worried a lot while working on the songs Learn more about womenThe current situation and what it raises Feminism“, explains Sylvia Comez. The repertoire includes poems set to music by Maria Mercy Marsal, Anna Dodds, Marta Pisarodonna I Alda Meriniamong others, but also self-written songs.

“I wanted to talk about Menstruation“Which is still a taboo subject,” says Jenny. “I am of peace and war and ofHermaphroditism“, he adds. Yvette Nadal took to music, as she already did in “Cançons violetes”, a poem by Italian Alda Merini called “Turment”. mental illness, the thing that really bothers me. “He wrote almost everything in a psychiatric hospital, and despite everything, he was nominated several times for the Nobel Prize.”

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