Fabiana Filipina is rushing to the United States and planning for the first time in China

Fabiana Filipina is rushing to the United States and planning for the first time in China

Fabiana Felipe Look beyond the borders. The luxury women’s brand will open its first US headquarters in the Big Apple in October to host collections in the showroom and welcome wholesalers, professionals and friends of the Made in Italy house. “We have been in the US for some time but want to boost the market by expanding our presence in multi-brand stores and then focusing on the retail and e-commerce sector,” he explains. Bambianconoz Brand CEO Mario Felipe Cochita. The label is currently distributed in 60 specialty stores, as well as department stores and single-brand stores in Dallas and Miami. The online shopping facility, which is currently being developed with a logistics facility in Europe, will also be improved.

Moreover, in the first part of the second half of 2023, Fabiana Felipe will arrive in China for the first time with a different strategy than the star and tape market. We will start with direct headquarters and opening of single-brand stores, followed by wholesale market and e-commerce. The project will always follow an omnichannel format with synergies between different distribution channels, we will accelerate interactions and services more and more”, says Filippi Coccetta. The director expects a twofold increase in revenue for 2022 and a return to pre-Covid results in the following fiscal year. Italy accounts for 25% of Turnover, among foreign countries, European countries stand out, followed by the United States, countries of the former Soviet Union, Japan and Korea.E-commerce accounts for 4-5% of turnover, a percentage that will double in 3-5 years thanks to the introduction of logistics structures abroad.The label contains 70 single-brand stores worldwide and a network of 850 wholesalers.

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For the indoor market, Fabiana FIlippi has just opened a new store at No. 7 on Spiga Road, replacing the previous store, also located in the Qudrilatero. The shop extends over a selling area of ​​200 square meters and was designed by the famous architect Patricia Urquiola. “The site – says the director – is the spokesperson for the new brand identity, which is fully expressed through the renewal of the logo it designed. Coco studySays the CEO.

The logo font, based on the Sans Serif Futura font, has modern features and a global style. The brand’s new institutional color is Soft Umbra, a luminous, imperceptible but clear shade of gray and light green, reminiscent of morning dew. It also belongs to the brand’s new painting “Zola”, a warm terracotta color referring to the land of Umbrian, “light”, a warm shade of white and “Shadow”, the opaque black of the new Fabiana Felipe logo. As for the packaging, the materials are sustainable and the paper is treated with a light upland embossing.

Giacomo and Mario Felipe Cochetta

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