The world’s first test. Price, equipment and technical characteristics

The world’s first test.  Price, equipment and technical characteristics
Piaggio MP3 530 hpe Exclusive: we tried it in preview!

The “third generation” of the Piaggio MP3 has arrived, completely renewed in aesthetics as well as in substance. in the saddle He was able to see and test the new three-wheeled scooter on the roads of the Tuscan hills around Pontedera, where Biagio’s “headquarters” and the main factory and museum are also located.

Technical news and features

This is MP3 Everything is really newin particular the exclusive 530 hpe version of our test that offers standard solutions and advanced technologies including ARAS radar system This indicates vehicles approaching the blind spot of the mirrors. then there Three engine maps (economical, comfortable, sporty), traction control On two levels, the ignition without key And the Cruise Control. The engine increases in displacement (530 cm3) and power (44 hp), which improves thrust at all revs. Weight decreases by about 10 kg And it is better distributed: the frame has lighter tubes, the front steel frame that supports the radiator and the various control units are hidden (it was moved to the center of the car). Reverse gear and related camcorder are also standard Background that transmits images to the dashboard.

All prices
I Three versions The new Piaggio “Three Wheeled” is available. “Basic Edition” MP3 400 hpe It is equipped with the tried and tested 400 engine and does not have a motor, radar and reverse gear mapping: it costs 10,499 euros. “Sport” version MP3 400 hpe sport It has a “richer” finish and is offered at €10,999. Finally there is the top version MP3 530 hpe exclusive Our test with three engine designations, ARAS radar, for reverse with video camera and cruise control: it costs 12,999 euros.

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Behind ARAS is Piaggio Fast Forward
The ARAS driving assistance system (ie the rear radar that eliminates the “blind” angle of the mirrors and the hazards of changing lanes) was installed on the new MP3 530 Exclusive by Piaggio Fast Forward, Center of Excellence in Robotics and Tracking Technology Development based in Boston (USA) We owe it to Gita, the one-of-a-kind robot (pictured below) that carries a payload of 18kg after the “Mr”. The Gita has already been sold for some time in the USA.

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