Excavations confirm that Molí d’Espígol was the city of Ilergets

The latest excavations confirm that the site Molly Despejoles de TournabusIn Urgell, It was the largest city in Ilergetsthe Iberian people who lived in the present-day Poniente provinces.

This conclusion was reached after studying the site’s defensive structures over the past months.

Big and important

This confirms the archaeological campaign carried out in April The importance and complexity of this Iberian city. Above all, it allowed us to get to know better what she was like A large huge door from the third century BC Which provided access to the eastern sector.

Structure that coordinates exploration and research, George is a manageris considered particularly wonderful.

“It’s big defenses, prestigious defenses, huge defenses.”

Part of the eastern sector access door (Anna Berga/ACN)

One has been documented A huge stronghold surrounds the entrance On the north side, the entrance will have a ramp and paving. The archaeologists’ conclusion is clear:

“Each new campaign confirms more and more that Molé Despegol is the most important Iberian city or site of the entire Iberian period – the 4th or 3rd century BC – located in western Catalonia. It is becoming clearer and clearer.”

Head and house?

With all that, The hypothesis that the site of Molí d’Espígol is the lost city of Atanagrum, capital of the Ilergets, is gaining popularityalthough we need to find some written references that confirm this.

In any case, according to the dean, the matter is clear It was a very important city.

“It is very likely that we are talking about one of the capitals of the Ilergets, which was definitely abandoned during the Second Punic War. That is, during the arrival of the Romans and the war they waged against them.”

The research will continue next year In this Iberian site, the site of the Maule d’Espegol, which has been declared a cultural asset of national interest.

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