Exaggerating the policy imbalance

Exaggerating the policy imbalance

Puigdemont is on the run, but he is not a terrorist. He is also a member of the European Parliament, although that is strange for someone who decided to escape justice. Our democratic rules of the game clearly allow for this. There is nothing more to talk about.

Nope s Like the PSOE They exist in the untouchable arena of the game. They are forced to exaggerate their language in such an extreme way that they soon become unrecognizable. In politics there is nothing worse than a distorted message, no matter how implausible it may be to your people. Others, happy.

Thus we arrive at degrees of comparison, which are always high stakes. Felix Bolaños is forced to question the connection between ETA terrorism and the operation. He had inadvertently opened an impossible watermelon that was unparalleled and even unpleasant. For many of the illegal things that happened in Catalonia in 2017, they have nothing to do with what the Basque community has endured for so long.

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At the same time, the leaders of the People's Party are playing irresponsibly by placing Carles Puigdemont in a terrorist space. It's not where it should be. There is no need to raise or lower him into a violent hell. His mistakes and irresponsibility were clear. He placed the state, or state, in a space of irregularity accepted by its members. The blow that was dealt to legitimacy was a thousand devils. As is the case in the Qur’an. An invitation to the mosque. But even in such a violent confrontation with the establishment, the ad was withdrawn in seconds.

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Another deeper question is what to take into account some reports of tsunami call recordings or disturbances, as there are also nuances. There are many suspicions surrounding those accused of Operation Judas, for example. It is one thing to leave a demonstration and end up setting fire to a public bus, but it is one thing to organize yourself before leaving the demonstration to burn everything. This was called kale borroka, which translates from Basque to street (kale) and fighting (borroka). But this is the professional balancing act of justice.

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