Ex-composer asks to “destroy” illegal copies of game music – Nerd4.life

Ex-composer asks to “destroy” illegal copies of game music – Nerd4.life

As you can see above, Marty O’Donnell – Former composer of Halo and Destiny Post a video asking for it Destroying illegal copies Destiny music component. because? This is a legal obligation resulting from his defeat in court against Bungie.

We actually remember that in 2014, O’Donnel Licensed by Bungie He ordered the return of all assets related to his work at Destiny, including Music of the Spheres, the “introductory music” created by Paul McCartney. O’Donnel was also forced to give up his shares in Bungie, but he got them back in 2015 by a court ruling.

Although the composer does not have the legal right, Drafts of music uploaded online and variants of his Destiny-titled work, including an album called Sketches for MotS. Bungie took him to court and won, forcing him to pay a $100,000 fine. Moreover, the court forced him to make a video in which the man must explain that he has no right to share this material and that anyone in possession of it should delete it and not share it with anyone.

What do you think of the whole situation? We also remind you that Destiny 2 wants to become a movie, TV show, and more: Bungie is hiring.

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