Estopa plays on home soil: everything is ready for the massive concert at the Olympic Stadium

Estopa plays on home soil: everything is ready for the massive concert at the Olympic Stadium

The Estopas family in the midst of their 25th anniversary tour. Photo: ACN

David and José, the Estopa brothers, have always had a great relationship with football. Lovers of all life, the Cornella group is counting down the hours to make their debut on a special stage of world sport, the Barcelona Olympic Stadium, where Barça currently plays due to construction work on the Camp Nou and which has been home to the Olympic Games and concerts by music legends such as Bruce Springsteen, Beyoncé or Coldplay, among others.

In fact, tickets are already sold out and tomorrow the two brothers from Cornellà will perform in front of 60,000 people, in the most crowded concert they have ever played. In addition, this date coincides with the 25th anniversary of Estopa. Without going any further, tomorrow’s concert is part of an anniversary tour, which will conclude in October with another concert, this time at the Palau Sant Jordi.

The Estopa brothers have just filled another football stadium, the Metropolitano de Madrid, and played a huge concert in Granada, where their fans were able to sing the songs that made the duo Cornelian famous, as well as discover songs from his new album, estoppy.

The brothers recently collaborated with Castelldefels singer Alizzz, with whom they collaborated on a reinterpretation of the song “Del revés”, one of the tracks from the Cornella brothers’ latest album. estoppyWhich saw the light three months ago. The three artists claim that they were very clear from the beginning that they wanted this to be the revised theme, and that they wanted Estopa and Alize’s interpretations to have “their own spirit”.

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