October 3, 2022

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Nintendo Switch Sports is full of users with obscene and disgusting names, and fans are asking for a solution – Nerd4.life

Nintendo Switch Sports It’s a colorful and cheerful game and it’s suitable for everyone, but there is a problem: fans report online that many users select Vulgar and disgusting names and sometimes with references to child sexual abuse. Then fans ask Nintendo to find a solution.

Apparently, the developers of Nintendo Switch Sports have included a file purifier To limit the use of offensive words, but many players have found alternative ways to get around the filters. Players on Reddit want Nintendo to improve the feature and offer the ability to flag inappropriate names so the team can take action on a case-by-case basis.

nintendo switch sports volleyball

Nintendo Switch Sports user, come on reddit, for example: “Honestly, I hope this doesn’t continue. I want this game not to be completely toxic with potentially offensive names. You see it in other games and I hope the Switch Sports community stays positive.” Another also states that he does not want to see – on the Switch or elsewhere – names that refer to violence against minors (we prefer not to report the examples cited). Another user claims that the only solution they’ve found is to block these players directly from the Switch settings, but the problem obviously shouldn’t be there.

These issues aside, the Nintendo Switch Sports is a great game, as we showed you in our review.

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