Let’s pay attention to how cats and dogs drink and find out why science is interested in this topic

Just as it is for humans, it is also essential to hydrate dogs and cats. If we want to show our four-legged friends how important they are to us, we must take their needs into account. For example, let’s make sure that the bowl they drink from is disinfected and that the water changes frequently and stays fresh. This is one way we can give them the attention they deserve. However, we are not the only ones who pay attention to them. Scientists are also often interested in cats and dogs.

Let’s pay attention to how cats and dogs drink and find out why science is interested in this topic

A group of American researchers studied the way cats drink milk to find that the balance for which they are famous also exists at that point.

Cats can drink thanks to the balance they have been able to create between two basic physical forces such as inertia and Danger.

By bending the tongue like a spoon and quickly pulling it after applying the liquid, it creates a little vortex from which it sucks. After they pull it up, the liquid is pushed back down by the force of gravity and held by inertia for the necessary moment it takes the cats to drink. If he was wrong even by a split second, he wouldn’t be able to quench his thirst.

All the operations that you do, including swallowing, are close to perfect and the study is incredible because it has been proven by a mathematical model.

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Dogs are more messy

The way dogs drink has also been scientifically studied. Their more chaotic and boisterous way of cats has a reason. Unlike cats, dogs move their tongues twice instead of once. In addition to the formation of the small vortex, there is then additional immersion with which they pull in an additional sip that ends at the side of the mouth. The tongue-rolling motion for that second sip is too fast and hard to study. The reasons why the dog does this are unknown. Perhaps it has to do with the concept of inertia. An extra sip of water can help stabilize the mini whirlpool and make drinking easier.

What is certain is that both tongues make up for the lack of cheeks which is necessary for many mammals, including humans, to be able to drink.

From now on, let’s pay attention to how dogs and cats drink and find out why science is so interested in this difficult-to-analyze topic.

Our four-legged friends can bring us new surprises.

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