Endless summer, endless heat, everything grows, everything scatters, maybe this time it will never end “ILMETEO.it

Endless summer, endless heat, everything grows, everything scatters, maybe this time it will never end “ILMETEO.it

Weather: endless summer, endless heat, everything swings, everything flows, maybe this time will never end

summer blossom According to the latest estimates, as many as 28 million Italians, not a large number, are trampled on to leave for holidays, even for a few days or longer periods, to the sea, mountains and abroad: many respond to our surveys: “If I could walk around the solar system.”

After those short periods, but seen as very long and difficult endless closures, after those short periods of deprivation, but actually very difficult of closing restaurants and curfews, young and old alike eat and drink as if there is no tomorrow, regardless No matter what transgressions, you know, it hurts, but it’s good … there is always something worse …

And it doesn’t matter that, thanks to the speculations of the recent war in Ukraine, prices have risen like never before, so electricity, gas, petrol, travel and food cost much more than before. And the same restaurants who yelled in the plazas to reopen during the shutdown, are collapsing from too much work as well as from the heat, unable to find employees for their activities, and blaming citizenship income, which has to do with that, you know, only in part.

And while Europe tells us that it has decided to impose the worst sanctions ever on Russia, the ruble is rising sharply. While the eventual transition to the electric vehicle by 2035 is set as a panacea for all ills, India and China are taking back the land and establishing themselves as new empires in the 2000s, hydrocarbon consumption is now rising even the carbon dioxide on the planet is rising, so temperatures are rising The planet and therefore the electricity consumption of our air conditioners.

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But will it all end?

After World War II, prolonged deprivation inevitably led to the overfeeding we all know today: meat consumption, for example, never declined.

Today we are witnessing a new post-war period, regardless of the fact that there are still wars going on, where oysters are served in a pizzeria to those who, in order to make Instagrammable stories, taste and spit them, are in a whirl of excesses when there is no water and no climate outside . So he hadn’t seen it before.

After Sharon there will be a very short break, in fact a new one Fabulous The heat wave is already organized for July 17th and it won’t last long. exactly the contrary.

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