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Ember Entertainment and Gala Games announced The Walking Dead: Empires is a multiplayer survival game set in the world of The Walking Dead by AMC based on Blockchain is a play element to earn.

The game was announced during a recent Galaverse event and described as a multiplayer Survival MMORPG (however, the release is only confirmed on the official Ember Entertainment website at the moment) with an isometric view where players must develop and upgrade their own game, collect supplies and defend against the threat. Formed by zombies and humans, all with the ability to cooperate with other players. In The Walking Dead: Empires should also feature various characters from the popular original comic series, for example in the trailer above we see Michonne.

The virtual land (Dead Claim) on which the outposts, characters and all other items acquired by the players will actually be in the possession of the players thanks to the well-established blockchain-based system that is becoming increasingly popular in the video game market. In particular, players will be able to Buy a new virtual land in advance Before adding them to the game via the official website, they can be accessed at this is the address.

To stay on topic, just yesterday Peter Molyneux studio announced Legacy, a multiplayer management software in which players can start their own business, buy virtual land and earn a new cryptocurrency, LegacyCoin.

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