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elden ring will be equipped with open world Designed to inspire gamers a to explore scenarios and explore New things as well keep their interest alive.

To say it’s the game manager, Hidetaka Miyazaki, during the long interview with EDGE from which we’ve already reported some excerpts, like when the author talked about Demon Souls drawings that pressed From Software or George R.R. Martin’s work.

“There were many challenges related toView game “Several situations where we have had to move forward with trial and error since we created the Dark Souls series, experiment with these mechanisms and formulas and then expand them into a larger context,” Miyazaki said.

“A lot of this work is related to the concept of pace of play: Find a way to prevent users from getting bored, keep their interest alive and encourage them to keep exploring and having fun. “

“Of course in this huge new world that we created, we wanted to prioritize the player’s fun and freedom more than anything else. Many of the characters and events are related to these mechanics which we tried to include without getting in the way, merging with the motives of the player himself.”

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