Elden Ring eliminated Horizon Forbidden West, and not just in terms of sales – Nerd4.life

Elden Ring eliminated Horizon Forbidden West, and not just in terms of sales – Nerd4.life

elden ring she has Abad playstation exclusive Forbidden horizon westand not only in relation to sales: Data from the UK only confirmed a fairly clear perception on social networks, forums and on the internet in general.

Pay attention to it: Nobody talks anymore From Aloy’s extraordinary adventure, the one we identified in our Horizon Forbidden West review is exceptional from a graphical point of view, full of high-quality content and surprising secondary quests.

Horizon Forbidden West, Alloy after seeing Elden Ring sales figures

In short, Elden Ring (review) monopolized the discussion, and did so thanks to an explosive mix of marketing and substance: on the one hand, the perfect move to involve the writer in development George RR Martinon the other hand, openness to a formula that is somehow accessible even by those who do not chew bread and spirits.

The first tangible result of this set are UK sales numbers, which see Elden Ring beat Horizon Forbidden West two and a half times, while over 10 million copies have been rumored to be on Steam.

These two games can’t quite compare, although both are actually RPGs: somewhat similar to Gran Turismo 7 and Forza Horizon 5, they are the ultimate expression of their development teams’ skills on similar ground.

However, in this case, the comparison turns to the producers’ ability to dominate the discussion space, especially on social media, and it’s amazing what the FromSoftware title could have done against Sony’s exhilarating war machine and marketing.

Forbidden Horizon West, Statue of Aloy in Florence
Forbidden Horizon West, Statue of Aloy in Florence

It’s hard to forget, in fact, how the Japanese house even managed to bring Aloy on the cover of Vanity Fair, or portray the heroine as a statue in Florence, not to mention the many events organized to launch the game around the world.

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Titanic’s effort that won’t fail to pay off, we’re sure, but for now it’s clashing against the inevitable, perverted, and masochistic infatuation of repeated death. Let’s row.

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