Elari Blasey’s lover, the couple’s friend speaking, revealed: ‘You idiot that’s it’

Elari Blasey’s lover, the couple’s friend speaking, revealed: ‘You idiot that’s it’

New bizarre background stories emerge that illustrate the dynamics of the separation between Ilari Blasi and Francesco Totti. A close friend of the couple has revealed more about the identity of the host’s lover and now it is easy to imagine who he is. Let’s see together what was said.

subordinate Totti Blasi case She won’t stop talking anytime soon, at least not until Elari He will speak frankly to the media to tell his story. So far, in fact, We only heard about ex-husband, Francesco Totti.

According to public opinion, Elari was waiting for the exclusive interview with her friend Silvia Tovanenprogram host very right.

In this complex story, one thing is clear: The two weren’t alone in the relationshipBut they had an affair studded with lovers. It remains unclear who betrayed first – and perhaps – as in any chapter, the error lies in the middle.

Despite this, we are sure that both spouses had lovers and led a kind of parallel life. Noemi Bocchi for berries it’s a mysterious man for Elari.

newly I New discoveries have been made about Elari’s extramarital affair Which allows you to draw a picture of her mysterious lover. That’s what it is.

‘They had a tacit agreement’

According to the former captain of RomeAnd the Elari He used his time in the Lombard capital to meet his lover.

Elari Place

In a river view interview to Corriere della SeraAnd the berries Detecting betrayal through text messages Elari. The former Roma captain says he swallowed the bitter morsel for the sake of their family, until things finally fell apart.

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To speak and clarify the situation Alex Noketelli So, the host for turquoise Program implemented by Baracchi Turquoise – Empty the bag and supply it Details about the identity of Elari’s lover. Who, then, is the mystery man?

according to what was said Alex (pictured) – the couple’s coat -, berries and the plassi They will have a tacit agreement: They both seem to have the right to date other people.

This will completely change the cards on the table because if so, It is no longer about betrayal. According to Alex’s words, the two were aware and agreed that they had a life outside of marriage.

Hilary Blasey and Alex Noketelli

Nuccetelli He also admitted thatElari’s mysterious lover Will be A very important man in Milanwho had the opportunity to come daily while in the Lombardy capital for a partyFamous Island. Now the bets begin to guess who Blasey’s lover is.

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