Eight people were arrested in Manliu in a police operation against the entry of cannabis into Catalonia

the Mossos de Escodra Eight people were arrested on Tuesday in BorrowsIn Osuna, as part of a joint operation with Customs control service IRS v. one A criminal organization introduced cannabis to Catalonia.

During the operation in which about 200 members of the Mossos de Escodra participated, Several simultaneous entries in Central Catalonia, In towns like Manliu, where they searched three houses, in addition to Torello and Sant Hippolyte di Voltrega, but also in Ponente and Roses, in Alte Empordà.

200 police officers and the Customs Control Service are participating in the operation (ACN/Mossos)

As is usual in this type of operation, the Mossos team activated the ARRO and Brimo units to conduct entries and searches. Some interventions will also be carried out with the GEI (Special Intervention Group), given the danger posed by potential detainees.

Moso during a search operation in central Catalonia (3Cat)

The entry of cannabis into the Catalan coast is on the rise

to’The entry of cannabis by sea directly from North Africa to Catalonia has increased.

In the morning from Thursday to last Friday, the customs control ship intercepted the vessel Two drug boats off the coast of Maresme. They began the chase with auxiliary boats and the Mossos d’Esquadra provided support from land. The operation ended without arrests, but with the seizure of the most important quantity of hashish ever in Catalonia with the introduction of narcolanxa.

Customs control recovered a large part of Packages at sea Drug dealers, when cornered, throw drugs in order to gain speed and escape. Motorboats are semi-rigid boats powered by three or four high-powered engines. They are allowed to carry between four and five tons of hashish bundles.

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And this is not the only operation in recent days, the Mossos d’Esquadra also confiscated another hundred packages at the end of May in Amitilla de Mar and arrested seven people. It was on the beach of Port Olivet, where a drug boat was preparing to drop off drugs.

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