€15 at IKEA is enough to save time in the kitchen: eating will be more fun

€15 at IKEA is enough to save time in the kitchen: eating will be more fun

With 15 euros, Ikea finds the solution that many have been looking for for some time. With this new product, cooking will not be a problem. Simple, versatile and elegant.

Having become a point of reference for furnishing all home, office and outdoor environments, Ikea has been launching its home accessories line for quite some time now. Therefore, children’s furniture accessories, bedroom accessories, living room, bathroom and kitchen accessories are a huge hit.

In fact, the Swedish giant has launched products on the market that are unique due to their practicality. Indeed, Ikea often offers ingenious solutions that solve problems of space and time. All organization bins available for many Swedish lines are cut from the bathroom to the kitchen.

The innovative and economical solution that solves the meal preparation process

The sector that is highly appreciated by customers is the one that includes all kitchen accessories. You can often find advantageous deals like this one available both online and in physical stores. It comes with an extension Casserole dish with lid FÄRGKLAR, Unique container for its versatility.

Baking dish with lid FÄRGKLAR Ikea – Credits Ikea – Newsby.it

This oven dish can be used to preserve and serve food on the table, but also to cook it in the conventional oven and in the microwave. These are mini oven dishes, sold in pairs, of ceramic material, that can be easily washed in the dishwasher and by hand.

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Measurements are 13 cm in diameter, 9 cm high and 15 cm long; The capacity is 0.2 liters. These dishes also sell like hotcakes at a price more than the competition; 15 euros for a pair of bread plates. You can choose in different colors, from glossy beige, matte light grey, matte light pink to matte light green.

Bowls have a very original lid. In fact, there is no handle, but it is the structure itself that allows the oven dish to be opened easily. This simplifies operations especially when dishes are handled at high temperatures after they have been removed from the oven, for example. The cover contains a file Easy-to-grab tab allowing for easy opening and closing.

The baking dish is available online with home delivery or even with in-store assembly or, more simply, it can be bought in stores throughout Italy. These and other products have become the flagship of the Swedish chain that never ceases to surprise its customers by always offering innovative products that suit everyone’s life needs.

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