€1,000 in June, the reward you risk forgetting

€1,000 in June, the reward you risk forgetting

The new reward is called Water and has some restrictions on how much and how to apply.

There is a new one bonus Which drives the corridors of the Ministry of Environmental Transactions: It is called the Water Reward and is intended for those who want to buy faucets and sanitary ware. There is a limit set by law: 1000 euro.


It is clear that the legislator has also taken care to indicate a deadline during which it can move forward Request, It is on June 30th. As of the next day, the platform accessed will no longer be available. The ministry clarified on its website that by that date you must request a refund of the amount you spent 2021 On the purchase of tools aimed at improving water consumption. Until that date, taxpayers who replace ceramic sanitary ware with new reduced drain hardware, or faucets, shower heads and shower columns with new, water-limited flow devices, can request a water bonus of up to 1000 euros.

What is the reward of water?

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These are bonuses of up to 1,000 euros. It is reserved for Adult citizens residing in Italy, holders of property rights or other immovable rights, or even personal rights of enjoyment, in existing buildings, parts of existing buildings or individual real estate units. In particular, reimbursement can be requested for interventions carried out from January 1 to December 31, 2021 to replace ceramic sanitary ware with new low-drain appliances; Replacing existing faucets, shower heads and shower heads with new devices that reduce water flow. The bonus also includes expenses incurred for related work and dismantling and decommissioning of pre-existing systems.

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Water Reward, How to Apply


there Request It should be provided by people who have undergone interventions to improve energy in the home. there Request It will be presented in one form, even if there is more than one intervention during the year. Thus, the service of accumulating bills is envisaged that will make it possible to request the full amount of the expenses incurred. The only limitation that is placed is one thousand euros. Moreover, you can order one property for the same owner from the property.

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