iOS 17.4 has arrived: alternative app stores (thanks EU), new emojis and much more

iOS 17.4 has arrived: alternative app stores (thanks EU), new emojis and much more

The iOS 17.4 update is available, alternative app stores, new emojis and many interesting new features have finally arrived: let's see the details.

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This is the date that many have been waiting for: Apple has released the iOS 17.4 update, which brings, among other things, much-needed features. Alternative app stores.

However, this update brings not only this new feature, but many other interesting features, as well as some changes related to Digital Markets Law For EU, and a handful of bug fixes.

Alternative App Stores: How Do They Work?

Epic Games will be bringing its store to iPhone
Epic Games will be bringing its store to iPhone

This iOS update officially opens the doors Third party developers To offer alternative markets to EU users. In order to go down this path, developers who want to profit from it will have to go through Apple's strict approval process, and if the app reaches 1 million downloads per year, a fee will have to be paid. Basic technology fees €0.50 per install.

Among the markets that will definitely arrive is Souq Epic GamesWhich announced the return of Fortnite to the iOS system; Mobivention (from March 7) and other markets have also been confirmed from some software houses.

Purchases using NFC and browser

All iOS 17.4 news
All iOS 17.4 news

However, the changes do not end there: the DMA has also forced Apple to adapt some of the dynamics of using its smartphone such as the web browser and payments using NFC.

In the first case, it will open for the first time Safarithe user will be able to choose another default browser: Although this was possible manually, now the user will be able to access the default setting, leaving complete freedom in this matter.

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New APIs are also arriving that will allow third-party developers to use NFC payment chip With services other than Apple Pay and Apple Wallet in the EEA (which can be seen in the Privacy & Security section).

Not only the European Union: here is other news

Apple Podcast
Apple Podcast

Obviously, these above-mentioned additions have been made to comply with the EU DMA, but the new update not only focuses on that, but brings many interesting features.

Among these we undoubtedly find Transcription on Apple Podcastswhich will allow the user to search for specific words or key moments, while iMessage will integrate a new encryption protocol called PQ3, which will enhance end-to-end encryption.

Finally, new details regarding the battery status also arrive (but only on the iPhone 15), e.g Count charging cyclesProduction date and when it was first used Siri will now be able to read incoming messages in any supported language, and 100 new emojis have been added including nodding or shaking head, a brown mushroom, and even a slice of lemon.

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