8 books from the Catalan “star system” of Sant Jordi in 2024

8 books from the Catalan “star system” of Sant Jordi in 2024

As is usual every time Saint George's DaySome of the most famous presenters and faces in the audiovisual scene have published their own book. They are called “media”It is the concept that made it modern Andrew Buenafuente In the 2000s, when it led year after year Ranking of best sellersnot without controversy.

2024 will be no exception. In kiosks and bookstores across the country we will find books from TV shows and series such as life teresina, Kitchens, Torfrom presenters such as Xavi Corral, Ramon Giner, Jair Dominguez Or the cook Maria Nicolaou.

1. Kitchensl Marc Ribas, Jessamy Karames and Arnau Paris (books now)

The three chefs from the TV3 table present a practical book containing a collection of tips and recipes that will help us in everyday life but also on wonderful occasions. As in the program, we will find the most comprehensive version of the preparations, by Mark and Jessa, but also the “pim-pam” version of Arnau's kitchen.

2. Learn how to dodge bulletsWritten by Xavi Corral (La Campana)

The literary beginning of the presenter TN midday From TV3, which tells the story of his grandfather based on the memoirs he wrote during the civil war. His story is the story of the defeat of the Republican Army, which he will experience first hand in every battle, on every front. From Aragon, through the Battle of the Ebro, to Africa, and the long and difficult post-war phase that will become a hell more cruel than the war itself.

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3. Tor: burning fireWritten by Carles Porta (La Campana)

In 1896, the thirteen families living in Tours declared themselves owners of the mountain surrounding the village of Pallars Subira, on the condition that they keep the house open or, as the neighbors said, keep the fire burning all year round. Over the years, war, smuggling and new interests fueled disputes and hatreds. The first two victims died in 1980, in a violent confrontation between a local chief's men and businessmen who wanted to turn the valley into a ski resort.

Despite the bloodshed, the lawsuits did not stop, and in February 1995, Judge Trimpe declared Josep Montagne, “Sansa,” the sole owner of the mountain. That summer she became the third victim. Who killed Sansa? Carles Porta provides witnesses and documents that allow deliberation about a crime that was never solved. He passionately tells the story of the obsession that has driven him since 1997 to investigate and gather witnesses to true events that made Tor a legendary true crime case.

4. Stanislaus Blue Nose and the Elevator to the Moonl Jair Dominguez (Group 62)

The first photo album of the co-presenter ofIt's happening I the basement. A funny and crazy story that shows us that nothing is impossible. Stanislaus is an ordinary mouse who dreams of becoming an astronaut so he can go to the moon and check if it is made of cheese. But he has a problem: he is afraid of heights. Then he comes up with the idea of ​​building an elevator to get there, and he will do it with the help of his neighbor Vicinj, a very talkative mouse. However, together they will form a great team and live an unforgettable adventure.

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5. History of the pianoby Ramon Jenner (column)

Novel · No About the power of a machine that becomes a metaphor for the power of redemption through love, friendship, beauty, and of course, music. The protagonist finds the velvety-sounding piano he always wanted in a small shop in the Gràcia neighborhood. Janusz Borowski, a mysterious man born in a forest in eastern Poland, warns him that this is a very special piano that he must take care of. The grand piano, serial number 31887, is a Grotrian Steinweg piano built in Brunswick (Germany) in 1915. Discovering a secret hidden inside will lead him to begin a long journey in a story that travels through the history of Europe in the 20th century. a century.

6. Life in the mountainsBy Abraham Orioles (Ara Libres)

A TV3 journalist presents a book about the oldest female shepherdess in Catalonia who lives in Bruguera, a small town in Ripolls. At nearly a hundred years old, Marina Villalta continues to do a job she loves but whose future is uncertain. A sacrificial act that requires dedication and patience and is closely connected to the land.

The history of the Navy allows us to glimpse the mountain in all its immensity and learn about those who work there, those who hid or escaped there and the animals that live there violently. It introduces us to the power of nature over man and how he has learned over the years to understand, expect and live with it.

7. creamy!by Maria Nicolaou (column)

The famous chef on TV3 presents the story of an ordinary and ordinary girl who one day decides to leave everything to learn a profession she knows nothing about and jumps into an adventure through unconventional hospitality schools, extraordinary restaurants, hotels and pastries of all kinds and conditions. , while the country is shaken by the gastronomic revolution of this century.

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An essay and a recipe that go much further, mixing, like someone making béchamel, passion, drive, memories, quirky personalities and reflections that will make us shake on every page with the kitchen to the revolutionary rhythm of Maria Nicolaou.

8. Life of TeresinaWritten by Jordi Milan and Paul Venis (Rosa dels Ventes)

A book to find out who the famous Teresines from the legendary TV3 series are and what secrets they hide. A funny and endearing portrait of our country through the three famous sisters created by it Cuban That you will discover the Teresina that we all carry within us.

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