The death of Franco Gatti of Ricchi e Poveri – Culture and Entertainment

The death of Franco Gatti of Ricchi e Poveri – Culture and Entertainment

Mourning in the world of music: Franco Gatti de Ricci y Boveri died in Genoa. He was 80 years old. The Rich and Poor with their families announced to ANSA: “Part of our lives is gone. Hi Franco.” Franco leaves his wife and daughter.

He was one of the four members of the band Rich and Poor, born in 1967, and thus renamed by Franco Califano. Because, he said, they were “rich in ideas, but poor in money.” your son polyphonic quartetformed by Two male voices, “the mustache” Franco Gatti and “the blonde” Angelo Sutgio, and two female voices, “the brunette” Angela Brambati and the “blonde” Marina UchinaRich and Poor lost Uchina herself, who left the group in 1981, and continued the journey as a trio.

After a career studded with great international successes such as It would be because I love you, what would it be, if you fell in love, the first beautiful thing, Mama Maria and Foley’s Vos DancerIn 2016, it was Franco Gatti who left Ricchi e Poveri to devote himself more to his family, after tragically losing his son. “A simple life choice,” he said, wishing his comrades many successes. A year after he deserted, Angela and Angelo decided to try adventure as a duo. The big meeting, at the Sanremo stage, with the triumphant return of Franco and Marina The hit was scored by director Danilo Mancuso and dedicated to the Ariston Theater by Amadeus, In 2020 on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the song La prima cosa bella and the first participation in the 1970 مهرجان Festival: Report on hit songs and funny gag with Fiorello, peak ratings from the first Amadeus Sanremo Festival. For Franco, the return to singing in Ariston was a kind of artistic and moral compensation since it was only in Sanremo, a few years ago, in 2013, that he received the tragic news of the untimely death of his son Alessio, only 23 years old, found lifeless in his home in Nervi in ​​Genoa. In this circumstance, Franco was forced to leave Sanremo where he was supposed to perform with Ricchi e Poveri and receive a career award.

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Sanremo, Rich and Poor: Friendship is the first beautiful thing

“A piece of Italian music history departs, a man who faced life’s painful challenges with great dignity. Hello, Franco.” write it on twitter Georgia Meloni On the death of Franco Gatti de Ricci y Boveri.

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