Documentary on US President Abolition of Slavery ‘The Lincoln Stumble’

Documentary on US President Abolition of Slavery ‘The Lincoln Stumble’

New perspective on the President’s visit Lincoln Towards the end of slavery. There is Lincoln’s stumble, Announced by four part documentaries Apple TV + Described by Jeffrey Wright, With voices of Bill Camp In character Abraham Lincoln e Leslie Run Jr. In character Frederick Douglas, Considered one of the most famous African Americans of the nineteenth century and internationally renowned writer, journalist and orator, was born into slavery in Maryland.

The series explores the people and events that shaped a man’s view of life and slavery from a 21st century perspective. All four parts Lincoln’s stumble Presented on the world premiere on February 18 on the streaming platform.

Based on the Historian Award-winning book David S. Reynolds, Abe: Abraham Lincoln in his time, The insights of countless Lincoln reporters, authors and scholars in this series, as well as the rare archives give the man with the nickname the Great Emancipator a very subtle look.

Set against the backdrop of the Civil War, these documentaries give voice to the stories of enslaved people, shape a broader vision of a divided America on issues such as economy, race and humanity, and highlight Lincoln’s war to save the country. Cost.

Lincoln’s stumble Produced by Eden Productions and Kunhart Films. Managing producers are Peter Kunhard, Teddy Kunhard, George Kunhard, Josh Tyrangel, Richard Flepler, Jacqueline Olive, Barack Goodman and Jelanie Kobe. Jacqueline Olive and Barack Goodman direct the series.

The new series integrates with other documentaries and documentaries on Apple TV + Boys State SuccessEmmy Award; Velvet underground Director’s acclaimed documentary Todd Haynes; The Beasty Boys story, Winner Critics’ Choice Award And was appointed Emmy There Grammy; Documentary Billy Elish: The world is a little dim; Fireball: Ambassadors from the stars From Werner Herzog, Nominated for a Documentary Award Critics choose; As well as upcoming documentaries Magic Johnson, Super models e Number one on the callsheet, Described Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart, Daddy Turner e Don Cogan |.

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