Do you want to visit amazing places around the world? These 20 are so strange they don’t seem real: one of them is in Italy

Do you want to visit amazing places around the world?  These 20 are so strange they don’t seem real: one of them is in Italy

Do you want to visit amazing and unusual places? Check out the 20 most amazing places on the planet.

Not just exotic destinations or amazing cities, but places on the border of reality: they seem to have been painted with the brush of a fantasy-filled painter, coming from the pen of a fantasy genre writer, or produced with artificial intelligence, and rather nothing special all of it. They are real!

Glacier in Patagonia

Amazing but real places, that’s how you define these 20 unique places in the world. Looking at them you will definitely be amazed and you will definitely want to visit them as soon as possible. Don’t despair: there is one here in Italy. Let’s find out what they are and where they are located.

Amazing places, 20 places so unusual that they seem fake

Not only are the Dead Sea, Death Valley and other well-known places, but our planet is full of amazing places that seem like the fruit of imagination! Let’s discover the 20 strangest ones.

Baobab in Madagascar
Baobabs in Madagascar
  1. In the USA, specifically in sunny California, there is a beach full of glass pebbles, creating a surreal scene. he is called Glass beach.
  2. In one of the regions of Turkey, and more precisely in the Cappadocia region, there are high rock formations, whose peaks have a special shape called Fairy chimneys.
  3. In Bolivia there is an area of ​​salt so large that it looks like part of the lunar landscape! he is called Salar de UyuniIt was formed as a result of the evaporation of a large lake of salt water.
  4. Madagascar has the tallest baobab trees in the world, and they create a truly unique scenario, which seems to have come straight from a fairy tale.
  5. In the United States, more precisely in the state of Nevada, there is a controlled geyser Geyser flies, It is a spring of boiling water with three colored points resembling a huge fountain.
  6. There is a completely pink lake in Australia called Lake Hillier.
  7. In Argentina, and specifically in Patagonia, there is one of the most extraordinary ice masses in the world. It extends over an area of ​​250 square kilometers, is 60 meters high, and 5 kilometers long. It is called Perito Moreno.
  8. In Turkmenistan there is a place called Hell GateIt is a natural gas cave hole that has been burning for 50 years.
  9. In the national parkAntelope CanyonIn Arizona, a water play was created between sandstone rock formations to form small lakes that resemble artistic paintings!
  10. In China, there is a terrace for growing rice Honghee Which extends over an area of ​​16,000 hectares, and has a special constitution to the point that it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  11. In Namibia, Africa, that is what it is called Swamp of deathIt is located in the Namib Desert and here the white sand and dry acacia trees alternate: it seems that it is on another planet.
  12. In Italy there Valadier Temple Which was built by order of Pope Leo XII in Ancona and is located entirely among natural rocks. Its unique beauty has made it one of the sites of the FAI.
  13. Ethiopia is one of the hottest places on the planet. This is a volcanic crater Dallol, A boundless and surreal land.
  14. In Türkiye a pamukkale, There are thermal baths in certain shapes that appear to be designed. It is very white because it is made of limestone.
  15. in Japan There he is forest arashiyama, It is the largest bamboo forest on Earth, with an area of ​​160,000 square metres.
  16. In Brazil in the national park Linquis maranhensis There are very white sand dunes alternating with pools of blue water creating a lunar scenario.
  17. In Utah, there are rock formations with a unique shape, they resemble man-made towers.
  18. In Cambodia there is a temple covered with jungle trees, and it is called Ta prohm In Angkor.
  19. to YellowstoneIn the United States, it exists there Great Prismatic Spring, A geyser of boiling water with rainbow colors that appears to form a prism!
  20. Finally, in Ireland there is a rock formation that appears to have been formed by a row of giants. its name Giant’s Causeway.

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