Putin Bans Departures: Government officials are banned from leaving Russia

Putin Bans Departures: Government officials are banned from leaving Russia

Russia Blocks Departures: Mikhail Mishustin, the Union Prime Minister, has banned government officials from leaving the country without special permission. The news was reported by the “Kiev Independent”, which in turn reported the Russian media “Bell”.

According to the Ukrainian newspaper, the permits are issued only for travel on official missions, while no restrictions apply to employees of the Presidential Administration. This is not a bolt from the blue in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The Financial Times had already published at the beginning of the week indiscreet information about the confiscation of passports of senior officials and executives of state-owned companies to prevent them from fleeing abroad.

Meanwhile, the controversy continues over the publication of classified US military documents on chats and social networks. Mykhailo Podolak, a loyalist to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said the aim of the leak was to “distract attention, create suspicion and mutual suspicion, and sow discord” between the allies. He wrote on Twitter that the Russian intelligence services were behind the release of the documents, modified as needed to create disinformation. But that’s not all because today the Pentagon disclosed that it had discovered a new loophole: hundreds of reports dating back to February about the war in Ukraine, China, ties between CIA and Mossad leaders and about the sale of artillery from South Korea to Kiev were put on the Internet.

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