Do you remember the tiramisu from Sarabanda? He never forgot his experience with Enrico Papi, that’s why

Do you remember the tiramisu from Sarabanda?  He never forgot his experience with Enrico Papi, that’s why

Does anyone remember tiramisu? He was one of Sarabanda’s greatest heroes of the early 2000s. But what happened now? Let’s find out together!

Boys and girls born between the 80s and early 90s will fondly remember the famous Italia 1 game show sarabanda. Enrico Papi’s broadcast was a real music competition in which the contestants had to guess the titles and artists of the songs after listening to very few notes. Whoever guessed the most became the hero of the episode, but to win the prize pool, you had to guess them all, and none of them were left out. The show aired Monday through Saturday from 8 p.m. to 8.45 p.m. every year for seven years, from 1997 to 2005. After the release dedicated to historical heroes, which aired in 2005, Sarabanda was canceled, although back in 2009, with Managed by Teo Mamukari and Belen Rodriguez. Finally, in 2017, Enrico Papi is back to lead what is currently the final edition of the landmark game show. Among the greatest specimens of Sarabanda, in addition to the famous Cat Man, there is certainly Tiramisù.

Tiramisù, the stage name of Diego Canciani, is one of the most beloved contestants by fans of the show hosted by Enrico Papi. Canciani managed to remain the title holder for 47 episodes and grossed a total of €300,000. The version in which the tiramisu participated is the 2003 version. But what has the beloved rival of Sarabanda done from 2003 to today?

Here’s what happened to Tiramisù di Sarabanda

We know for sure that Tiramisù also participated in the 2005 issue of “All star” of Sarabanda. Since 2005, unfortunately, the great hero of the game led by Enrico Pape has practically disappeared from the scene. Based on reports YouMovies.itIn fact, the contender capable of winning 47 consecutive episodes never made it back to television. That’s until 2017, when Enrico Papi decided to host him again in his historic broadcast revival. Sarabanda fans reconsidered their idol in action, and the latter did not disappoint their expectations: he showed, in fact, that he is still a real player in the musical game. After the revival of Enrico Papi, Sabaudia’s rival once again disappeared from the scene. However, he will always remain in the hearts of fans, who still remember the amazing record obtained in 2005, when Canciani guessed 18 songs in just 10 seconds. great!

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