Do lines appear on your computer screen even if you clean it? LG tells you how to solve the problem

Do lines appear on your computer screen even if you clean it?  LG tells you how to solve the problem

Why it’s a good idea to clean your computer screen and what to do if streaks remain: Pay attention to LG’s valuable tips to put them into practice

Many wonder how to clean a computer screen better, which products to turn to and what to do if stains remain: LG offers very useful suggestions on the portal of the well-known company itself.

Cleaning the computer screen, removing dirt and without streaks, steps –

Cleaning the computer screen It is essential to fully immerse yourself in the visual experience and enhance the performance of your displays. In fact, the presence of dirt does not allow you to make the most of the quality of the screen resolution.

But the problem is not only limited image quality, as dust can also get between the cracks and thus reach the computer, exposing it to damage. Therefore, it is a good idea to clean the screen and surface, carefully and frequently, and use the appropriate products.

It must be taken into account that cleaning operations must actually be periodic, in order to maintain the sterilization of the screen, and avoid the accumulation of dust and fingerprints.

Therefore, we must first prepare ourselves with it A cloth, generally microfiber, Which will be familiar, being the same material that eyeglass cleaning cloths are made of.

Microfiber cloths do not damage the glass and are very useful for the process in question; Alternatively, you could consider using products such as a suede cloth.

What matters is that it is soft and lint-free, for proper cleaning. Before starting, you should remember to turn off the monitor, disconnect the power supply, and remove any connected peripherals, from the mouse to the hard drive. Be careful, these are important aspects regarding Safety as well as to avoid possible damage to these devices.

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How to clean your computer screen without leaving streaks: Pay attention to the right products

Deep cleaning of the computer screen Without leaving the lines, navigate to the right products to use. Otherwise, the risk is that significant damage may occur, not only aesthetically but also to the hardware parts.

Computer screen, how to clean it without leaving streaks: LG advice
What is needed to clean a computer screen without leaving streaks –

Therefore it is necessary to employ a Non-abrasive cleanserWithout metals that can scratch the screen. You can also use a compatible disinfectant or distilled water for sterilization, especially products based on ethanol or isopropyl alcohol (at least seventy percent concentration, as we read). Alternatively, you can also switch to a hypochlorous acid based cleaner.

However, what you should completely avoid are products that contain substances such as ethyl alcohol, ethyl acid and ammonia. And again methyl chloride or acetone.

The most recommended water is distilled water, to which you can also add a little white vinegar to remove dirt stains.

Once you have the right products, you can move on to cleaning. So, after setting up your computer, unplugging it, and removing the battery, you can start by sprinkling a small amount of the product onto the microfiber cloth, just enough to make it damp.

The product should always be placed on fabric and never on your computer screen or other parts, as it may seep in and cause irreparable damage.

You need to scrub slowly, without applying too much pressure, and while cleaning it is good to focus on the entire surface, including the edges, as it is difficult to remove dirt.

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In conclusion, you should have an extra microfiber cloth on hand, but dry, to pass it over at the end, in order to make sure that The screen is dry and has no streaks. The last and important precaution: it is best to wait a few minutes before connecting the computer to power, in order to avoid any electrical problems.

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