A proposal that is afraid to become true

A proposal that is afraid to become true

Rai’s license has been extended to smartphones, this is the proposal of Carlo Fortez, CEO of Rai Group. Feedback is not long even if the reasons are justified.

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The Rai license fee At an annual cost of €90 for taxpayers. However, the tax on possession of a television audio device can, for height Following a suggestion from Carlo Fuortes, Director of Rai, from Expand it to smartphones and tablets as well. The reason behind the intent is that users can also access Rai content from devices. The reactions were immediately felt, and the Italians had to accept it Several increases in recent months And the increase in the RAI licensing fee share is the latest news they, rightly, want to hear.

The idea of ​​forts, madness to some, wise idea to others

Carlo Fortes pointed out contradiction Between the tax on the rai license paid by citizens and the service provided. Group revenue is out of balance with what is being proposed. Not only that, but other European countries offer Much higher quantities 90 euros to pay the tax on national television.

Taxpayers have the opportunity to use l’app Rai Play To watch Rai programs whenever and wherever you want. As a result, accessing content from a device other than your home TV justify Additional payment of tax. which then, says Fourtes, would not be a real possession tax related to smartphones and tablets but rather a tax, greeting It aims to find a balance between what is paid and the services that can be used.

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Expected citizens’ reactions to the extension of the Rai smartphone license

Read the news about the possibility of extending Rai license fees for smartphones and tablets by one Contrast reaction – Concept – by citizens. Taxpayer judgment backed by many Political forces who assert the insufficiency of the moment to demand the payment of an additional tax to Italians. The pandemic has brought many sectors to their knees, and many workers are struggling to find the right rhythm, Economic assistance from the government Faced with an ever larger audience, how can one think of introducing another augmentation in a context of this nature?

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