Chips.IT, the Italian center for the design of semiconductor integrated circuits, was founded in Pavia

Chips.IT, the Italian center for the design of semiconductor integrated circuits, was founded in Pavia

After confirmation arrived in September, it was done Italian Center for Design of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits (institution Chips.IT) was the Italian strategy for microelectronics Formally submitted to Pavia. The meeting was attended by Ministers Giancarlo Giorgetti (Ministry of Economy and Finance), Adolfo Orso (Ministry of Business and Industry of Italy) and Anna Maria Bernini (Ministry of Universities and Research).

The organization represents A An essential part of the new Italian strategy for microelectronicsAnd strengthening the microchip design sector in particular. To this end, the foundation He will coordinate research and design activities with public and private entitiesProviding the latest equipment and software. It will also play the role of a competency centre, which helps Training new generations of talent in this sector. The choice of headquarters in Pavia reflects the city’s position at the heart of the emerging ecosystem of semiconductor companies and academic excellence in the supply chain.

The private sector will play a key role In the Foundation’s activities, cooperation through different types of partnerships. The companies that have expressed, so far, their interest in participating in the Foundation’s activities are: Analog Devices, Infineon, Intel, Inventvm, NXP, PSMC, SONY and STMicroelectronics.

Today is an important day for Italian microelectronics. The birth of the Foundation is the result of work that began years ago, and today, with great pride, we aim to make this center a means of Seizing the opportunities offered by the European chip law dedicated to development and technology transfer” announced the Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti.

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The birth of the Chips.IT Foundation is a key stage in a broader national strategy in the semiconductor sector, a strategy for the Italian economy from a national and geopolitical perspective, which made Italy among the first European countries to apply to the EU. Chip law. We want to support Italian companies and… Attracting investments from abroad to our countrywhich increasingly creates an important ecosystem in this sector” announced the Minister of Business and Made in Italy Adolfo Orso.

The microelectronics revolution is underway with Italy already becoming a world leader. It is now a matter of supporting and strengthening this record. We will only be able to accompany this process better thanks to people’s skills and cooperation between universities, research centers and companies. The government wants to facilitate the creation of this ecosystem in which Pavia will be a center and source of attraction for many Italian and foreign researchers traveling around the world. Competitively position yourself in the most advanced challenges“announced Minister of Universities and Research Anna Maria Bernini.

The Chips.IT Foundation is supported by a grant of €10 million for 2023, while €25 million has been made available for each year from 2024 to 2030, for a total of €185 million (175 plus 10). Added to this are 5 million euros for operating expenses for each year from 2023 to 2025.

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